Carside Cameos

People in glass houses.

Sandlake Road: Driver & 2 Car Seats

Scary Puppets

Afternoon rush hour. A red minivan with two carseats. A stick appeared over the right car seat occupant’s head. Except it wasn’t a stick. It was one of those jester-style puppets, and it was dancing. It was nicely framed by the rear window, and tracing a lively jig in the air. After a moment, it was joined by a second puppet rising majestically from the left car seat. For the next four miles, the puppets performed a surprisingly entertaining show, completely unnoticed by any other driver. I, alone in the car behind, was amused very nearly to the point of wetting myself.


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2013 by in Children, Delightfully Odd, Florida Mall Area.
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